Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transaction #9 of 52 in 2011

We just completed our 9th transaction of the year. Fairly strait-forward: a single family home in Ogden. Why did we buy it? Cash flow.

The house is a solid, no-frills property in a good neighborhood. It will cash flow:

$900 Rent
- 90 Management
- 45 Vacancy Reserve
- 45 Repair Reserve
- 38 Insurance
- 33 Taxes
$649 Cash Before Mortgage

We will find a private mortgage and pay 7-8% to someone for 10 years or more. They will get a first position lien against the property and a payment of $500 - $550 per month.

Everyone wins! Obviously we win. So does:
  • The City of Ogden: A rehabbed property
  • The Tenant: They have a great place to live
  • The Private Mortgage Holder: Secured, reliable income for a long, long time
  • The Local Economy: $7,500 in repair costs for materials and labor and $1,000 in closing fees
Would you like to be a part of one of our transactions this year? Let me know at 801.510.3566. We are always looking for people to participate in our projects. There are lots of ways to win and we enjoy working with new people.

Look for transaction #10 by next week!

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