Friday, March 25, 2011

Transaction #11 of 52 in 2011- Another House

When we purchased our first sub-$40,000 property we were really happy and surprised that we could purchase a house so inexpensively and with so little repairs needed. (This was in November 2010 when we purchased a house for $23,900 put $4,000 in repairs into it and rented it immediately for $695/month.)

Now buying houses for under 50% LTV is common and we are purchasing duplexes for under $50,000! So #11 was the purchase of a single family home for $49,500. It needs about $7,000 in repairs. When we are done it will be worth about $99,000 and we will rent it for about $950 per month.

We are now talking to several investors interested in loaning us money for 5-10 years as a first position mortgage holder. They'll earn 8-10% on their money, maybe more!

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