Thursday, September 3, 2009

Real Estate Social Networks- Preview the Next Wave

Want to see the next wave in social networking? Take at preview look at Clear Day Connect, the social network for people who are investing in Northern Utah real estate. Even if you are not targeting Utah, you need to take a look! Why? Here's 7.5 reasons:

1. Social Networking is here to stay and this is a new twist- target social networks.

2. Clear Day Connect is built on the platform. Starting at $7.95 a month, anyone can start a social network.

3. The platform allows you to monetize (get payed for!) social networking!

4. Clear Day Connect will have professional real estate investors, property managers, attorneys, and accountants ready to answer questions when in launches in the next 1-2 weeks.

5. You can provide valuable feedback about what you wouuld want to see in a real estate social network from the ground floor up.

6. Don't you wish you had been at the ground floor with Facebook or Twiiter? Here is the next potential platform.

7. There are at least two good articles to download for free right now and a half a dozen proffesionals to meet. YOU could even lead a forum if you ask nicely!

7.5 Visit Clear Day Connect because I'm asking nicely!! You can do me that favor, right???

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