Thursday, May 26, 2011

Transaction 17 of 52 in 2011: I "Broker" a Loan

More transactions! More deals! More fun!

I help Shawn Watkins of Investors Workshops find some short-term money when a buyer was delayed coming in with funds. So I called a financial friend who had never lent money short-term and asked him if he was interested.

His first reaction was "no," not interested at all.

Second reaction was, "maybe depending on the numbers, please send them to me."

Third reaction was, "this sounds good. I'll probably do it after I review the numbers."

The numbers looked good. $20,000 short-term that would come from an equity line at a low-interest cost to the lender secured by a second dead of trust against the subject property.

The money came in two days later. Shawn closed the transaction. Funds paid back as promised. Our financial friend is ready to do the next one.

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