Saturday, April 3, 2010

Real Estate Projects with Clear Day Capital

Clear Day Capital has always said that we create opportunities for real estate investors. Yet until a week ago we acted only as a hard money lender. Borrow money? OK, but make sure it's paid back in time because there are big penalties if you don't

Along Come the Projects
A week ago we did our first "project" with an experienced investors who purchases, fixes and resells single family homes in northern Utah. He gets:
  • ALL OF THE CAPITAL he needs to purchase and repair the house- no money out of pocket
  • LOWER INTEREST RATE to cover our cost of money
  • MORE TIME to complete the project
  • NO EXTENSION FEES if the project runs long
  • FREE CONSULTING on the project- he especially needs curb appeal help
What's in it for Clear Day Capital? We get a piece of the project. Instead of points, we split the profit from the project. Why do we do it? We believe in the project and we believe that we will make more money. We take the time risk with the origination fee.

Since the First Project
Since last week we closed another three projects, similar to the first. One is a rehab, one is a refinance of a completed project, and the last is our first commercial project.

Do You Have a Project that Needs Financing?
If you do, call us at 801.747.7267 and we can talk about a traditional loan or about doing a project together. Either way, we enjoy creating opportunities for real estate investors.


  1. Clear Day Capital the only thing that I've found is that quite often, the small business owners that come talk to me want to focus on their business and want someone else to take care of the headache of setting everything up.

  2. If you can make it work for both parties both parties make a profit and are happy. That really is the best situation.