Monday, October 26, 2009

Investor's Workshops- Social Networking For Northern Utah Real Estate Investors

If you invest in real estate, one of your key success factors will be your ability to network with your peers. They will bring you your next deal, provide you with references for resources you need, and perhaps be your clients.

How Do You Stay in Touch?
Using the phone, in person meetings, mastermind groups, and real estate investment club meetings are all still valid ways of building and maintaining your network. You can add to that your Facebook or Twitter networks if you want to. Even better, join an on-line social network built just for what you are trying to do- invest in real estate.

One example is . It has a national footprint and over 40,000 members. I belong to it and I find good general information that I could also read in a book. It is very good for general information and, if you dig hard enough, you can make contacts with Utah investors.

Social Network for Northern Utah Real Estate Investors
If you want to resources for Northern Utah (Davis County and north) then you should join . You can find dozens of real estate investors who focus on northern Utah. You can ask them about resources ranging from general contractors and handymen, to title officers and real estate agents who know how to work with investors.

Set-Up Your Own Social Network
If you have a niche market that you want to have a social network with, try setting it up using as a platform. Starting at $7.95 per month (less than mailing list software) you can establish your own social network. (Yes, I am an affiliate and we will make some money if you join. You can make money as well off of your network.)

What is your best social networking tool?

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