Tuesday, June 30, 2009

HVCC- Bad Appraisals Are Hurting Real Estate

Did you know that appraisers are supposed to provide a service that accurately estimates the value of a piece of real property? Usually they are reasonable accurate, but the new HVCC system is creating a mess.

The Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) is creating a mess for all involved- lenders, appraisers, and most of all, home buyers. Why? Because it restricts the free flow of information by disallowing an appraiser any contact with anyone involved with originating the loan.

Here is a "bottom line" story: We have a client we just had an appraisal done. The appraiser was selected randomly, according to the new guidelines. An appraisal done less than a year ago put the property at $110,000. We agreed with the appraisal, as did two separate Realtors that Clear Day Capital works with in the Ogden area.

The appraisal came back at $68,000!!! Why? Because he compared an occupied house with renters paying $950.00/mo for the last 8 month to uninhabitable, bank-owned properties!! He made prejudicial statements about what he felt the values should be in Ogden and indicated that a $17,000 rehab done a year ago was simply "deferred maintenance" and did not add value to the property!!! It appeared that he was looking for the LOWEST POSSIBLE VALUE! Not accurate value, lowest possible.

Was he afraid to "speak his mind?" We don't know, but it has been reviewed by an experienced loan officer, a Realtor who is an Ogden expert, and by Clear Day Capital. We ALL agreed: BAD appraisal.

Now that the lender has the appraisal (which cost $450 and took 3 weeks to complete), it is impossible for that lender to go out and get a new one! Our borrower needs to start from scratch with a different lender and hope that the new one is reasonably accurate. The minimum cost:

- 2 appraisals at $450 each = $900
- 1 month loan extension = $2,000
Total = $2,900

That doesn't include opportunity cost, time spent, and aggravation!

Here is a link to a website about what is happening today with HVCC: http://bit.ly/jZaIO

The HVCC system has got to go, for the good of homeowners, investors, and the residential real estate industry.

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  1. This just shows that Real Estate Appraisers are more into covering their own but rather than doing their job which is "Justifying" prices. What a crock of crap.

    Mike Waters